f*ck blogging platforms

Most blogging platforms are pretty good and yet pretty shitty. They all make it easy to post a blog to a custom or private domain fairly instantaneously. They all have some infrastructure for generating momentum and community. They all have functional stylistic tools for making your stuff look sexy. Alas none of them do the real trick. None of them make you a better writer. And I wouldn’t expect that, necessarily. Though it doesn’t seem a totally unreasonable proposition that a great tool could make you better at its target task. But further… none of these GD platforms make writing easier.

They make publishing, formatting, sharing, circulating, styling, uploading easier. But what about writing?

Why not a blogging platform with thoughtful prompts? With curated reference and how-to material for blogging? With bonafide bloggers as customer support?

Seems like a reasonable ask. Or it’s just me.

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